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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Time flies

I have a favorite pewter plate on my coffee table. Around the rim it says "Salud, Amor Y Pesetas Y Tiempo Para Disfrutarlas." Translated, it says "health, love and wealth - and the time to enjoy them". It's that last bit that's a toughie but I'm working on it.

I must apologize for posting so little this month. Summer should be a lazy time of year where I accomplish incredible amounts of sewing! Instead, I have been busy working, helping out at the DH's restaurant and trying to get my son ready to head off to college next month. The summer is flying by! That's not to say, dear reader, that I'm not thinking about sewing. Oh no, thoughts of sewing still consume my every waking moment. This is often a problem because it always leads to too many new fabric purchases - or machine purchases. I took the plunge and ordered another coverstitch. This time it's a flatbed - the Kansai Special W8103-D. My dealer things I'm crazy. Now, how to get the machine inside without DH realizing that yet another industrial has joined the family..... Hopefully, it will arrive before DS leaves for school! He'll roll his eyes a bit less than DH. ;-)

I'll be keeping my other coverstitch set up for binding and use the flatbed for all of my hemming. The best part is that I'll be able to use a downturn feller and a beltloop folder on the flatbed. Don't you just love sewing toys?


Blogger jemgirlca said...

I want to play at your house, Gigi! lol Have fun with your new toy!!

4:15 PM  

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