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Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Friday is my husband's birthday. It also happens to be the day he is closing on the restaurant he's buying. He had mentioned to me that he wanted some nice Tommy Bahama-style camp shirts with the restaurant logo on them. Perfect - a nice birthday present for the man who has everything. After he left for work this morning I searched my stash. I pulled out a cream sueded silk and a denim-blue silk linen. Sadly, I didn't have enough of the blue silk for a camp shirt. Darn, I guess I'll have to use that for myself.

Then, I made the ultimate sacrifice. I hopped into my car and drove to Ultra Fabrics in Pembroke Pines. I was disappointed to see that they are still closed (hurricane damage). Not to be deterred, I drove to Elia's Fabrics in Hialeah. Lots of gorgeous suitings and a ton of polyester silkies. I left empty-handed. On the way back I decided to stop at RM Fabrics in North Miami. It was on the way back to the highway and sometimes I get lucky there. I found this beautiful raisin-colored sueded rayon with a paisley jaquard pattern. Only $6/yd so I bought the whole bolt. I don't know why I do that. I will have to age the leftovers for several years so that DH and I don't accidentally end up matching. Old habits die hard.


Blogger Neefer said...

There's a couple where I work that always dresses the same. It's weird.

I'm sure youcould find some friends to share that bolt of fabric with.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Katharine from PR said...

Gigi, you could make another Hippy Chick or Duro dress from the sueded rayon and wear it on alternate days when DH wears his camp shirt? Or make another *bathrobe*? Pajamas? With a bolt you need some fabric eating projects...

11:21 AM  

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