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Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to me!

You probably don't know that I am a big I Love Lucy fan. I started watching ILL when I was about 4 years old (it was already in syndication then). Later I watched The Lucy & Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy but nothing can come close to the original. When my son was small, he was shocked that no one else in his kindergarten class knew about Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel and their hysterical antics.

One of my favorite episodes is #63 entitled Lucy Wants New Furniture (June 1, 1953). Ricky finds out that Lucy has purchased new furniture without his permission and refuses (my, how times have changed) to allow her to go to the hair dresser and buy a new dress for an upcoming event. What's a girl to do but give herself a home permanent and make her own dress on a rented machine? That's what I'd do! Well, maybe I'd skip the home permanent.

Anyway, when I spotted this 50 year old pattern on Ebay I had to buy it. I know it's quite tattered and I may have paid too much considering the condition (at least my DH thinks so) but it was impossible to resist.


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Blogger Els said...

I remember Lucy the shows were broadcasted here in the Netherlands too. The vintage Lucy pattern has the nice feature that you can wear it both ways, like backwards and then you have a total different garment.

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