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Friday, May 05, 2006

Collar stays

My vintage pattern calls for buttonholes in the under collar to accommodate the collar stays. I really don't like that idea. Instead I like to use what I refer to as the patch method. It is neat, easy and adds more body and weight to the points of the collar - especially helpful in a large collar such as this. What I do is fold a piece of the fashion fabric in half on grain. I then place it across the under collar with the fold at the stay opening, trimming away any excess around the collar. To reduce some of the bulk in the very tip of the point I trim about 3/4" across the point from the underlayer only. Do not trim anything from the upper layer. If you do, it will show later. After stitching the channels for the stays, the under collar is ready to be sewn to the upper collar.


Blogger Mary Beth said...

Oh my, it's been so very long since I've even thought about collar stays. I'm so glad you've brought up this technique.

11:49 PM  

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